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June 14, 2009

Air Industry News

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The recent news that the global air industry faces a 9 billion dollar loss for 2009 tells us that the air industry will be going through massive changes in the coming years and a comprehensive plan to position our state to handle this change needs to be dealt with sooner rather than later.

I have already outlined a plan for a centralized airport hub in our state in a post dated 12/13/08, with the rest of the state being connected with high speed rail lines.

We can’t get direct flights from our three airports and it is killing us with bringing prospective business to the region.

It’s either get on such a plan soon or have Charlotte and Atlanta split the state for our air travel business, crippling South Carolina commerce and tourism.

January 13, 2009

South Carolina Gasoline Tax

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I’m reading a lot about the upcoming budget and the Governor’s plan for a new tax structure, and I am wondering why raising our state’s gasoline tax has not come up.

We are currently ten cents lower than our neighboring states of Georgia and North Carolina, and raising this tax has such positive implications, I do not understand why it is not on the table.

Are there some narrow interests at work here, to the detriment of our state as a whole?

Raising the South Carolina gas tax is a no brainer proposition, and a hard look needs to be taken at why it is not being brought to the fore.

January 3, 2008

Graham and DeMint in Iowa

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Our esteemed Senators are traveling through Iowa right now, supporting their presidential candidates. No doubt they do so completely as private citizens, spending not one penny of taxpayer’s money.

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December 14, 2007

Governor Sanford hits home run with land conservation proposal

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Governor Sanford’s proposal to budget an additional $50 million for land conservation is an outstanding move. He is correct when he says, “If you develop every square inch around each one of the metropolitan areas of this state, one of the inevitable byproducts is a deterioration of the quality of life that people experience in this state.”(Post&Courier, 12.11.07)

But it is not just for quality of life, but for the long term economic health of the state that makes this proposal imperative. Politicians in this state need to start asking themselves what needs to be done to make the 21st century South Carolina’s century. What needs to be done to ensure that South Carolina continues to improve economically and continues to build the wealth and increase the well being of its citizens, not just in the short term but in the long term as well.

Mark Sanford, in this proposal, embodies these ideals and is taking the long view as to what is best for our state.

Dan Cooper, House Ways and Means committee Chairman says of the proposal, “If we have $50 million, I’d rather we invest it in something that is going to produce jobs for the state.’’ (The State, 12.11.07) Dan Cooper, in this instance, does not seem to have his eyes on the prize, which is knowing that fully funding the Conservation Land Bank will create jobs. Developers and investors will want to build and invest in areas that have a higher incidence of preserved land, and the quality of development and investment will be higher as well.

As our population continues to rise, nothing is going to pay dividends to the citizens of our state in increased wealth and well being like the proposed increase in funding of the Conservation Land Bank. Open land is and should continue to be one of our states greatest resources, and the time to preserve it is now, before it is too late. Remember, wealth goes to where the quality of life is good, and doesn’t stick around when it turns bad. One simple key to keeping it good is the full funding of the Conservation Land Bank.

December 2, 2007


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