South Carolina Citizen Journal

October 1, 2009

Energy Taxes

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Forget “Cap and Trade” and “Climate Change Legislation”. What we are really talking about are taxes on fossil fuel energy consumption. And taxes on fossil fuel consumption are exactly what we need  in order for our state to prosper in the coming decades.

South Carolina currently imports $14 billion in oil and $10 billion in coal a year. That, my friends, is a chunk of change. It is a huge drag on our economy and a problem that will only get worse. The time has long past for action on this issue.

What our primary focus should be is how to get those numbers down. The sooner we start thinking about energy independence as a  state, and actually implementing a plan, the better off we will be. The state that produces all of its own energy is going to be the state that is strongest and most competitive in the global marketplace.

Higher taxes on imported fossil fuels are necessary to fund our transition to in-state produced sources of energy. To all of you short term thinkers out there,  get out of the way.


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  2. Taxing fossil fuel consumption really does seem to be a legitimate avenue towards decreasing the burning of traditional dirty coal and a way to get rid of our ever increasing, problematic reliance on foreign oil. South Carolina needs to look to a cleaner and more prosperous future. That’s not to say drilling for oil and natural gas off of the shores of the Palmetto State is a good idea. However, transitioning to renewable energies like wind, solar, and biofuels should be the way to go in the long term.

    Comment by Mike, Conservation Voters of SC — August 10, 2010 @ 11:28 am

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