South Carolina Citizen Journal

January 13, 2009

Sanford and the bailout

Filed under: Economy, Federal, Sanford — NotforHire @ 1:04 pm

Wait, somethings up with the economy? Really? I’m pretty sure, if we keep it quiet, no one will notice that the U.S. economy has been completely run into the ground.

Governor Sanford seems, with his recent statements against the huge federal bailouts, to perhaps be positioning himself for a run at the presidency. Well that is all fine and well for him as a citizen, but as Governor of our state what he needs to be doing is positioning us to get a good share of what will be coming down the pipeline from Washington. I’m not saying that I wholly disagree with his position- you can’t solve a debt problem with more debt, but the Democrats and the Republicans, who have shared power in this country for decades, and are both culpable  in creating this disaster, will certainly do their best to spend there way out of it.

So what the Governor(and the legislature) should be doing, instead of posturing against the inevitable, is coming up with a plan to use this money to transform our infrastructure to prepare us for what will surely be a tumultuous and challenging 21st century.

Hey, that, or we could just use all the money to repave all our roads a couple of times.


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