South Carolina Citizen Journal

December 2, 2008

Are You a S.C. Patriot?

Filed under: Economy, Energy, Environment, South Carolina, Transportation — NotforHire @ 9:47 am

What constitutes a Patriot? One who loves his country and supports its interests. I put forth the following that true patriots can embark upon to make our state better.

1. Be as energy efficient as possible. South Carolina imports close to 100% of its energy, and we can go a long way to increasing our wealth base merely by reducing the amount of energy we consume.

2. Produce more than you consume. Avoid debt except for a mortgage and an automobile.

3. Volunteer your time or give to local charity, or both.

4. Compost, whether you have a garden or not, thus reducing the waste stream and enriching the soil on your property naturally.

5. Plant a vegetable garden.

6. Plant a fruit or nut tree on your property. Or both.

7. Buy locally when possible. Support local artisans and craftspeople when shopping for gifts.

8. Commit 80% of charitable donations to within the state.

9. Invest in, and buy from, companies that have their corporate offices in the state.

10. Bank at a South Carolina based bank.

11. Recycle everything.

Where are you on this list right now? I myself have 6 of 11, which is okay, but I will try to do better. Anything I’ve left off?


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