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December 17, 2008

South Carolina Wind

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Looking at a wind map of the United States, you can see that our state, in the far northwestern corner, just happens to have a small swath of world class wind that is there for the harvesting.

It would be a small part of our state’s energy mix, but we should move to create as large a wind farm as possible there, without delay.

December 16, 2008


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Hypermiling is the simple concept of driving as efficiently as possible.

With South Carolina importing 100% of its gasoline, it is an idea that should be actively promoted. Perhaps a public service campaign by our department of transportation would be a good idea. The less fuel we import, the more wealth we retain in our state.

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December 13, 2008

South Carolina Transportation

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With the federal government poised to dole out billions in new public works funding, it is a good time to take a look at what type of projects might benefit our state.

We could of course do the usual and spend the money on automobile infrastructure- roads, bridges and the like. Money definitely needs to be put into this, but we also need to look into the future and think big. It is time to start thinking world class for our state.

Now would be a good time to take a look at building a large, state-of-the-art airport, centrally located in the state, perhaps around the intersection of I-95 and I-26. Call it South Carolina National, if you will. This central hub to be connected to the rest of the state with five high speed passenger rail lines to Florence/Myrtle Beach, Columbia/Greenville/Spartenburg, Aiken/North Augusta, Rock Hill, and Charleston.

Such an infrastructure would be attractive to global business and would do a lot towards making South Carolina into a world class state.

December 11, 2008

Sanford Tax Plan

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First, where is the increase in the gasoline tax? The Governor has really dropped the ball on this issue.

Second, an increase in the cigarette tax should definitely be implemented.

Third, ending the tax holiday for school supplies does not show much support for our students and educators.

Fourth, a $3 a ton increase in the tipping fee at landfills is not a bad idea, particularly if it will discourage out of state trash being dumped in our landfills. They do have to last us.

Fifth, South Carolina’s corporate income tax is already relatively low. The idea of eliminating it entirely, while intriguing, would not allow for selective corporate tax incentives which enable our state to attract business and industry that we deem desirable to the long term health of our state’s economy.

Sixth, income tax reform. Our current high bracket of 7% puts South Carolina somewhere in the middle with regard to the rest of the states. The Governor’s proposal to reduce our highest bracket to a flat 3.65 percent is slightly overreaching, but the flat tax aspect is a step in the right direction. We should look at doing away with deductions entirely, for all of the tax brackets.  A simplified tax code will help streamline government and reduce costs to businesses and individuals.

Lastly, the Palmetto Institute‘s call for an independent commission to review our state’s tax system should not be ignored.

Roll Call Voting (again?)

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I read today in the Post & Courier that our state senate president, Glenn McConnell has said that roll call voting is a waste of time and money.

Perhaps we should say that any bill that does not demand roll call voting is the real waste of time and money.

Let’s just get this done and move on to more pressing matters, shall we?

December 5, 2008

Federal Political Appointees

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I read today that there are 600 political appointees working in the Pentagon.

Maybe that should be rolled back to, oh I don’t know, maybe ONE, the secretary of defense? This over insertion of appointees, and it is no doubt just as bad in all the other cabinet departments, surely is a drag on government efficiency.

SCANA Nuclear Plant Proposal

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What we should ask ourselves about the SCANA’s proposal to build two nuclear power plants is, would we be willing to store the nuclear waste within our own state’s border?

If no, then we should concentrate on clean coal, renewable sources and conservation.

December 3, 2008

Gasoline Tax

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South Carolina’s tax on gasoline currently stands at 35.2 cpg. In comparison, our neighboring states of Georgia and North Carolina have gas tax rates of 44.4 and 48.6 cpg, respectively, according to Figures include 18.4 cpg federal tax.

With gas prices plummeting and South Carolina tax revenues in freefall, it would be a good time to raise South Carolina’s gas tax by 10 cpg, to be more in line with our neighboring states.

With gas prices so low, an additional floating tax of 10 cpg should be enacted, to be removed when gas prices again reach 2.50 dpg, because you know they will be going back up.

Raising the gas tax would provide the state with much needed revenue, hopefully to be earmarked for transportation infrastructure improvements. It would also help encourage conservation of something that we import 100% of. The less gasoline we import, the more wealth remains in our state.

To those that say it would hurt businesses that depend on gasoline, I would like to point out that just a few months ago fuel prices in our state were pushing four dollars a gallon, and if both of these proposals were enacted now, the price of gasoline in South Carolina would still be around two dollars a gallon.

The time is right for this, with no hesitation or delay.

December 2, 2008

Are You a S.C. Patriot?

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What constitutes a Patriot? One who loves his country and supports its interests. I put forth the following that true patriots can embark upon to make our state better.

1. Be as energy efficient as possible. South Carolina imports close to 100% of its energy, and we can go a long way to increasing our wealth base merely by reducing the amount of energy we consume.

2. Produce more than you consume. Avoid debt except for a mortgage and an automobile.

3. Volunteer your time or give to local charity, or both.

4. Compost, whether you have a garden or not, thus reducing the waste stream and enriching the soil on your property naturally.

5. Plant a vegetable garden.

6. Plant a fruit or nut tree on your property. Or both.

7. Buy locally when possible. Support local artisans and craftspeople when shopping for gifts.

8. Commit 80% of charitable donations to within the state.

9. Invest in, and buy from, companies that have their corporate offices in the state.

10. Bank at a South Carolina based bank.

11. Recycle everything.

Where are you on this list right now? I myself have 6 of 11, which is okay, but I will try to do better. Anything I’ve left off?

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