South Carolina Citizen Journal

November 25, 2008

Congressional Travel

Filed under: Federal, U.S. Congress — NotforHire @ 10:07 am

To those recently outraged by the Detroit automaker’s CEO’s recent travel by private jet to hearings in Washington, I say that what we need to look at is how much congress spends on travel and on housing.

I vaguely remember a news article when Nancy Pelosi first became speaker of the house, about her request for a larger plane so she and her entire staff could fly from coast to coast without refueling. It is time to put a limit on congressional travel and here are some initial recommendations, open for discussion:

ONE round trip first class ticket per senator and congressman per congressional session. If they want to travel their families then they are welcome to pay for it. This goes for congressional staff as well. Staff works in Washington as locals, and can pay for their own travel.

Housing should be limited to five thousand dollars a month, prorated for the time that congress is in session only. Again, congressional staff works in Washington as locals and receives no money for housing.

How much do we spend on each congressional office for staff salaries, travel and housing anyway? I sure would like to see those numbers.


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