South Carolina Citizen Journal

January 29, 2008

Classroom unruliness and disruption

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Teachers in South Carolina will not be able to effectively do their jobs until they have the power to tell a student to get out of their classroom for unruliness.

Public schools in South Carolina will not be effective institutions until the school administrators figure out what to do with the students that teachers dismiss from their classrooms for unruliness.

Classrooms cannot function as warehouses for our children as well as places of learning, there is just no two ways about it. School boards and administrators have to find ways of dealing with students that constantly disrupt the learning process that is outside of the classroom, not in it.

A couple of basic suggestions for administrators charged with these students, 1) A couple of miles around the track or 2) installing a couple of stationary bicycles in the office and giving the students five miles on it, or ten. Just a couple of ideas but the crux of the matter is that school administrators have to step up to the plate and stop having teachers do their job for them.

In any event, in order for South Carolina to work towards a world class educational system, the teachers will have to have the power to remove students from their classrooms, and administrators are going to have to figure out what to do with the kids while they are out of the classrooms, and what to do to motivate the students to prefer to be orderly in the classroom rather than be sent away from it.


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